e Bléck is an architectural office specialized in designing and visualizing architecture


E Bléck is an architectural office based in Luxembourg, founded by Philippe Grotenrath. We operate with spatial matters at all scales and sectors, e.g. cultural, residential, corporate, landscape, urban etc.


We create unique architecture, which is harmonizing with their surroundings. The uniqueness of our designs proceeds in synchronicity with the program, site and surroundings. We believe that this serves adequate information for the formal aspect of the unbuilt.


All of our services are available in English, German, French, Luxembourgish and Thai.


We develop individual buildings, uniquely related to the end user. Additionally we observe the existing urban context to create a positive impact on the surrounding.
We serve the complete cycle of planning, coordination and supervision of building project. We serve all architectural planning phases from OAI, e.g. feasibility study's, building permit application, execution planning etc.


Besides architecture we offer a wide range of design services on all kind of scales from furniture to whole interior concepts to landscape designs.


The first step is designing a good project; the second is the right style to communicate the project and key ideas to clients. We serve with our knowledge to make architectural projects comprehensible to nonprofessionals.


Nareerat Chaichalad


Stephane Bertemes

Architect Dipl. Ing. Arch.

Philippe Grotenrath

Architect Dipl. Ing. Arch.